Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Piper's Class Dictionary

In Chapter 5 of Piper Green and the Fairy Tree, Piper's teacher, Ms. Arabella, asks her students to write definitions of themselves for their classroom dictionary.  What would you write for your dictionary entry? 


  1. Ms. Phelps (Proper noun)
    1. Ms. Phelps is 5 feet, 3 inches tall with brown hair that is turning sparkly and silver.
    2. Her favorite things are reading, the Red Sox, walking in the woods, and chocolate.

  2. Liberty (Proper noun)
    1. Liberty is 4 feet 11 inches with short dirty blond hair and hazel eyes.
    2. Her favorite things are, swimming, basketball, reading, and math.

  3. Penda [proper noun]
    1. Penda has brown hair and hazel eyes.
    2. Penda likes to do gymnastics and sing and hang out with friends.

  4. Colby York (Proper Noun)
    1.Colby is 5 feet tall with blondish/brown hair.
    2.His favorite things to do are to play sports such as wrestling, football, and baseball.

  5. Kadance (proper noun)
    1. Kadance is 5 foot, and has brown hair, and has Blue eyes
    2.She likes to take long walks on the beach, plays football, and basketball

  6. Nathan (proper noun)
    1. Nathan is 5 feet tall and I have browns blacks hair.
    2. I like to play a lot of sports and I like the Patriots.

  7. Hannah (Proper noun)
    1.Hannah has brown long hair with blue bright sparkly eyes.
    2.Her favorite things are riding horses,doing gymnastics, soccer, and wear camo.

  8. Lanye (Proper noun)
    1. Lanye has blond hair.
    2.Lanye likes soccer and basket ball.

  9. Benjamin {proper noun}
    1. I am 4 foot something
    2. I like playing vidoe games, reading books, and playing with his freinds

  10. Jacey (Proper noun)
    1.Jacey is 54 inches tall and has brown hair and blue eyes.
    2.Jacey likes playing video games and hanging out with his friends and playing with his cat Kittery.

  11. 1.i have 5 dogs i have dirty blond hair.2. I am good at basket ball.I love sports.

  12. Brian (proper noun)
    1.brown hair brown eyes
    2. I like the outdoors and playing my xbox.

  13. Dylan (proper noun)
    1.Dylan has brown hair and brown eyes.
    2. Her favorite things are reading, guinea pigs, math.

  14. Dyllan (Proper noun)
    1.Dyllan has brown hair and brown eyes.
    2.Her favorite things to do are read, write, and do math.

  15. Adriana (Proper Noun)

    1.) I am 4 foot 3 inches, I have dark brown hair and brown eyes.

    2.) Another thing about me is my home-town is Maryland. I love animals, and I have a musical talent for playing several instruments, such as the violin, clarinet and the piano. Probably more.

  16. Connor ( proper noun )
    1. i have brown hair.
    2. i like to go on bike rides and play in the woods

  17. brandon(proper noun)brandon is 5feet 4inches tall I have brown hair i like football

  18. Jordan Rogers (Proper Noun)
    1.Jordan is 4 foot 3, 73.68 pounds, has very dark brown hair, and always wears a black sweatshirt with a green cross on the front.
    2. His favorite things are pizza, soccer, video games, dogs, hanging out with friends, and cats.

  19. Wyatt (proper noun)
    1. Wyatt is 5 feet, 0 inches, He has dirty blonde hair with blue eyes.
    2. Wyatt likes the patriots, Celtics, and the Boston Bruins. he also likes Football, baseketball, wrestling,and baseball. But he hates lacrosse

  20. MASON (proper NOUN!)
    1. I have brown hair. I'm 8 years old.
    2. I like scaring people. And playing games.

  21. Garrett proper noun
    1. Garrett has Brown hair, blue eyes.
    2.Garrett Likes popcorn and football.

  22. Amelia (proper noun)
    1. I have dark brown hair and hassle eyes and I weigh 70 pounds.
    2.I like art and music and reading and nature.

  23. Cole (proper noun)
    1. Cole has brown hair and brown eyes
    2. Cole likes to do musicly and like to play the vedo game call of duty.

  24. Jason (proper noun)
    1. Jason has brown hair and color changing eyes.
    2. Jason likes macaroni and cheese, wrestling, nature, baseball and fighting his brother Denver.

  25. Brady (proper noun)
    1. I have brown hair and my eyes are green
    2. My dog,video games, resling with sister and math

  26. Adreanna
    1. I have brown eyes and I have brown hair.
    2. I like nature and I love animals.
    3. I do not like hunters.

  27. Henry(proper noun)
    1.has blonde hair and blue eyes .
    2.likes playing world robot boxing and playing tomb raider.

  28. One more thing:
    I also like to eat delicious food.

  29. I woud pot sae shell in the tree and hop to get some gem/s.Btaecause there beautiful.