Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5th Grade Library Class

After you listen to the podcast above, your mission is to post a response, telling me:
  1. Did you like Squish?  Why or why not?
  2. What was it like learning about cells from a very different perspective?
  3. Should we get the sequel to Squish for our library?
Thanks for taking good care of the laptops and being great students for Mrs. Webb!


  1. it was not my favorit book but it was just wierd so o well.


  2. I liked the book I usually like graphic novels it is pretty funny.

  3. Tucker
    I thought it was kind of good. I did not see the pictures at all. It was kind of confusing. But it was o.k.

  4. Nate
    i thought the book was ok but it was not the best but i still liked it. the book was rely interesting. I dont think we should get the sequel.

  5. Abbie baker says,
    i Think squish was a good book because went squish was reading his commect book and how they all had names. i think you should get the sequel of squish and also i think it was funny watching them from different point of view i liked the book.

  6. I think Squish was okay. I think grafic novels are okay so it was cool. I think you should get the next one. You did not really learn that much i my point of view

  7. Rebecca click says that squish is okay but I wouldn't read it on my own choice. I like how it is about scince. If you wont the second one you can get it but i personly would not read it

  8. heidi
    I thank Squish was a good book and i want to read more. I like the part when he read the comic book.

  9. Lily

    So far in squish I like it because it' a graphic book and it's about ameabas,and other one cell creatures.I do think we should get the sequel to it.I predict that squish is going to win the battle between good and evil.