Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Totman Library Book Club starting soon!

We had a wonderful visit from Inge Cesh, Totman Library volunteer extraordinaire today. She was here to tell us about their upcoming book group for 4th and 5th graders. The books group will take place at the Totman every other Monday from 3:15- 4:30, starting on October 3rd.

Inge told an amazing story about growing up in Germany right after World War II. She said that all the libraries had been destroyed in the war, so she and her friends got together to have "book club." They shared what books they had and then got together to talk about them. She was kind enough to bring in the books that her family had after the war - they are beautiful!

If you're interested in the joining the Totman book club (and why wouldn't you be??), give the library a call at 389-1895 or let us know here at school. It's a great opportunity to read some wonderful books and have fun after school with your friends!

Inge sharing her books from Germany after World War II.

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